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Your Financial Snapshot services will involve consultation, analysis, and recommendations in the 6 areas of financial planning:

(1) Cash Flow

(2) Tax Planning 

(3) Insurance Review

(4) Investment Review

(5) Retirement Planning

(6) Estate Planning

Your  present financial situation will be reviewed and a written analysis and report of recommendations will be given to you based on your goals and objectives. This service may include an initial consultation and follow-up visits. The services provided  may include but would not be limited to the following:

Preparation of your annual net worth statement;

Create a cash flow statement;

Review your current investment and make recommendations thereon;

Review your most recent tax returns and provide tax planning advice;

Review your life insurance and disability insurance and make recommendations thereto;

Review your estate plan and make recommendations thereto;

Complete a retirement analysis; and

Provide education planning advice.


Your Financial Snapshot services provided by KJH Financial Services shall be provided under the terms of KJH Financial Services' "Financial Plan Agreement." KJH Financial Services' Financial Snapshot fees shall be based upon several factors such as the complexity of pertinent circumstances, the responsibility assumed by KJH, the benefit resulting to the client and the perceived probability of certain anticipated complications that may arise. KJH Financial Services will create a written financial plan for delivery to the you. KJH Financial Services, unless engaged separately to do so, will not be responsible for the implementation of the plan. Client assumes full responsibility for the implementation of the plan.

The number of hours for a particular Financial Snapshot engagement will be capped at a particular number and a maximum fee. A fee estimate will be provided to you before services begin.  One half of the estimated fee shall be due upon the full execution of KJH Financial Services' Financial Plan Agreement and acceptance of such by KJH Financial Services; a second payment representing 25% of the estimated remaining balance is invoiced when half of the plan is completed; the remaining balance is billed upon completion of the Plan. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice(s). 













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