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          For You                                                                                    

I encourage questions and establish an atmosphere where learning is a priority. You will feel at ease asking questions,



allowing a two-way street when creating your financial plan.


Family Financial Plan

            Saving for Retirement

  •     How do your feelings about money affect your spending habits?
  •     Do fees and investment options impact your 401k rate of return?
  •     What should you do with your 401k when you leave your company?

            Saving for College Funding

  •     How much to save?
  •     How does financial aid affect your savings rate?
  •     Does school choice play a role in financial aid?

Retirement Transition

   Pre-Retirement (5-10 years prior to retirement)

  •     What do you want your retirement to look like? 
  •     How do you evaluate retirement expenses?
  •     How will you know if you have saved enough? 

   Retirement (1-5 before years or in retirement)

  •    How will you know when to take distributions?
  •    What is your IRA required minimum distribution?
  •    Will you owe income taxes on Social Security benefits?  

Sudden Financial Changes


  •    What new opportunities are now available to you?
  •    What effect on your identity, career, relationships, and lifestyle will your new money have?
  •    What are your feelings about money and how it affects your spending habits?


  •     How will you manage your finances?
  •     What about your retirement needs?
  •     Sell your home now or later?


  •       What do you need to know about money?
  •       When and how to sell your home?
  •       Will you have enough to last for the rest of your life?

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